Dijkstra Solutions Company
Legacy networks today use protocols like BGP, MPLS, OSPF, Spanning Tree and Legacy Multicast as examples, as there are many similar that cause problems for networks and network management today.  We would all like a network that works the way it should work that is manageable, predictable and profitable.

Dijkstra Solutions Company was formed because of this need.  We are here to sell, design and implement the future of networking that is just starting to surface.  It has and is being used in many challenging​ environments like the Olympics, stadiums, hotels, hospitals, government and casinos.  It is solving problems that once were considered problems that just had to exist and there is no easy solution.  This changes for you today.  Give us a call to find out how you can participate in the future of networking.

​We recently added security to our menu.  It is an application of the technology we implement.  From basic installs that are self-monitored to 24/7 live remote monitoring, we have services availble in this market.