Dijkstra Solutions Company
Our Services
  1. Network Architecting
    Network Architecting
    Designing solutions for new or integrating with your current environment, protecting your current investment. Designing SDN solutions to truly automate your network life. Let's bring the data center solutions everywhere in your network, even across the WAN and VPNs
  2. Network Fulfillment
    Network Fulfillment
    Implement designed solutions including Avaya/Extreme SPB and related technology. This includes any vendor that includes SPB in their product line-up. Deploy wireless solutions with minimal footprints. In addition, implement SDN solutions such as Identity Engines
  3. Network Services
    Network Services
    Hire us to make your network decisions for you about your current environment or your newly implemented SPB environment. This includes training for user interactive requirements for a minimal onsite staff.
  4. Multicast and IOT
    Procurement, design and implementation of off the self multicast and IOT solutions
  5. Network Software
    We can design and build software around multicast requirements in addition to our own applications
  6. Proof of Concepts
    Proof of Concepts
    You want to test what SPB can do on a small scale to understand it better or simply want to see if it really works? We have pre-set POCs you can try or we can customize the feature to fit your needs